Spoken English And Personality Development

Over 330 to 360 million people speak the English language and it is among the most spoken language in the world. With globalization and the advancement of technology, there is a tremendous need for qualified professionals with good communication skills. Keeping this in mind we designed a practical approach to English learning and communication skills, this course promises to offer basic to advanced language and communication skills.  Based on language needs we divided this course into categories

Our spoken English program will help you multiply the chances of presenting yourself rightly whether it is a public speaking interview or meetings with clients. We will guide in:
– accent training
– public speaking
– presentation skill

Spoken English Classes for

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Professionals

Students ( Prepare your self for an Interview)
– Vocabulary
– Grammar
– Phonics Sound
– Special daily exercises to improve communication skills and remove hesitation.
– Special training to be prepared for an Interview.

Housewife ( Nurture your child with Confidence)
– A unique way to improve communication skills by using the day to day activities, Vocabulary list, and products.

Professionals ( Ask a salary hike with Confidence)
– Practice Session to improve verbal and writing communication skills with Personality Development

Spoken English And Personality Development


This course is for those who know little or nothing about English Language. This course will give solid foundation to the language skills, along with that candidate will be able handle general language requirements. This module comprises of, Basic grammar, vocabulary, sentence creation (Tenses, direct indirect speeches, voices), question answer, Group discussion


This course is for those who are having basic language skills. We will provide you with practical training for communication and language requirements. Those who are planning for interview, Group discussion, will benefit greatly with this course. This module comprises of, grammar with practical sessions with paper reading, mirror talk, call on call center, role play, digital conversation in English.


This course is designed for advanced language requirements of the students. This course identifies weakness and errors of communication of the students and seeks to achieve their objective.


Professionals are groomed for advanced communication requirements. We provide softs skill training for the smooth and effective communication techniques.  

Interview Prepareation

We conduct real time interview sessions, group discussions, presentations, letter writing, resume writing and communication enhancement is done by soft skill training.