Social Initiatives

India is going through a transitional phase with the socio-environmental changes taking place. Issues of pollution, drought, flood, global warming, social disparity have become more prominent and need is being felt of more responsible and active citizens. The government is making frequent calls to citizens for active participation in social and environmental activities. We teach our students to be conscious and sensitive to the socio-environmental roles.

We as organizations nurture values for this in students by different activities. We create small events of awareness regarding cleanliness, rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, efficient utilization of natural resources. We aim to develop a responsible citizen for developed India

Future citizens are born in the students. We want to make sure our nation’s future remains in the safe hands of our students. For that, they are trained to value our tradition, respect elders, and celebrate our festivals.  We cultivate the value of proud Indian in the students.

Our children’s are encouraged for –

  1. Planting more trees
  2. Maintaining personal and social cleanliness
  3. Protecting and maintaining natural resources.
  4. Pollution-free Environment
  5. Respecting elderly
  6. Help to needy
  7. Respecting Indian traditions