Abacus Course

This program is designed for the Whole-brain development of the children of the age group 4 to 14 yrs. Abacus is the method of solving mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with the help of an Abacus instrument. An Abacus instrument will have beads and the bead values will be taught to the students to solve mathematical problems. Initially, students will learn to do calculations with the help of the Abacus frame and later without the help of the instrument. Students will visualize the abacus frame in their mind and do the calculation mentally by moving the beads in their mind. This program makes your brain work as fast as a computer. The child will be able to do multitasking.


✏Improves problem-solving abilities.
✏Boosts better and faster calculation skills.
✏Improves mind and body coordination.
✏Sharpens concentration and observance.

Abacus Smart

Abacus is a Whole Brain development program designed especially for children in the age group of 4-14 years.


Ø Visualization
Ø Concentration
Ø Memory Retention
Ø Memory Recall
Ø Photographic Memory
Ø Speed
Ø Accuracy
Ø Listening Skills

Abacus Schedule

Jr KGJr KG4 Months
Sr KG Sr KG 4 Months
1st To 5thRunner Level 14 Months
1st To 5th Runner Level 2 3 Months
1st To 5th Runner Level 3 3 Months
1st To 5th Runner Level 4 3 Months
1st To 5th Runner Level 5 3 Months
5th To 7th Sprinter Level 1 4 Months
5th To 7th Sprinter Level 2 3 Months
5th To 7th Sprinter Level 3 3 Months
5th To 7th Sprinter Level 4 3 Months
Advance Level 1 4 Months
Advance Level 2 4 Months
Grand Level 1 4 Months
Grand Level 2 4 Months

Vedic Math Course

Vedic math is also called Speed Maths. It is a very age-old system of mathematics. It was taught in ashrams in olden days & holds good for improving your math (aptitude) skills in modern-day.

This system not only helps to improve a child’s mathematical skills but also indirectly improves (his/her) brain function.

Through these methods, we can solve any Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares, Square Roots, Cubes, Cube Roots, Percentages, Fraction and so on in just seconds.

Vedic math helps one in various aspects of decision making, intelligent estimation and Out of the box thinking. Vedic Maths is like the magic of solving Complex mathematical problems in just seconds. Students who undergo this course transform themselves from fear of Maths to love for Maths.

Vedic Maths is a one year Program. Vedic Maths has 3 levels – Basic, Inter & Advanced. Exams will be conducted after successful completion of each level and certificates will be issued for completing each level. Students from class 4 to class 12 can join this program.

✏Vedic Maths helps students solve mathematical problems about 15 times faster.
✏Vedic Math reduces finger counting & scratch work and improves mental calculation.
✏ The logical thinking process gets enhanced.
✏Vedic Maths improves Concentration.
✏Vedic Mathematics Tricks are very useful in the aptitude section of the competitive exams.

Vedic Smart

The calculating strategies provided by Vedic mathematics are very creative and useful which can be applied in a number of many ways to calculate various methods in arithmetic and algebra.


Ø Develops the children’s mind,
Ø Increased calculation capacity
Ø Extensively used in solving geometry, calculus, and computing, etc.
Ø Syllabus covered – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square, Square Root, Cube & Cube Root.

Vedic Math Schedule

Level 1 4 Months
Level 2 4 Months
Level 3 4 Months